Alexia Ciannor


Seventeen-year-old Alexia is Father Dumas’ niece. Her mother, Father Dumas’ wife’s
sister, was the leader of the Corvis Coven and was executed a decade ago with the rest of the witches. Alexia inherited her magical abilities and has become a powerful sorceress. In fact, she is a prodigy having 10th-level skill at a young age. She is motivated by a desire for revenge—revenge on Borloch who orchestrated the trial and revenge on Corvis which she considers a wicked city. The first part of her plan is stealing the blade Witchfire so she can restore the members of the Corvis Coven to life. However, her motives and outlook changes dramatically over the course of the adventure along with the exact nature of her mental instability.

By the beginning of Shadow of the Exile, Alexia has discovered Oberen’s part in the deaths of the coveners. Once she has used the great machine in the Temple of Cyriss to resurrect her mother and the other members of the coven, she plans to turn her attention to the evil magistrate Borloch and Oberen, his collaborator. Unfortunately for Alexia the PCs thwart her plans, and by the end of SOTE she is believed to be dead.

In Legion of Lost Souls, the characters discover that Alexia miraculously survived her fall in the temple, but she is playing host to the souls of her mother and the other four coveners. This has further enhanced her magical abilities, particularly where the Witchfire is concerned. She returns as an unlikely ally for the characters, but her quest for vengeance may yet put Corvis in jeopardy once again!


Alexia Ciannor

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