Gunner Wadock


Gunner has been working the Fellig-Corvis trade route for over a year. He is a tough little man who often doffs his hat from his balding pate to smite his employees, but he is a fair man when the characters work for him in the beginning of The Longest Night. Later on, the characters may even want to hire him or ask him to come along on their adventures. After all, Gunner knows a lot about Corvis, and he can be a valuable ally. He is also a convenient way for a GM to beef up an under strength party.

The adventurers will encounter Gunner again during the Legion of Lost Souls. At this point, he has teamed up with his brother Rorgun. They have plans to set up shop in Five Fingers well away from the madness of the Exile and his Inquisition if only they can get out of town before the harbor is closed for good.


Gunner Wadock

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