Vahn Oberen


This powerful wizard is the individual ultimately responsible for the execution of the Corvis coven. He foresaw the rise of the coven through ancient prophecies and manipulated Magistrate Borloch into blackmailing and arresting them. Ultimately Oberen himself was the witches’ executioner. His magic blade Witchfire transferred part of the power of each covener into him, and now that the Witchfire has been unearthed, he wants it back!

Vahn Oberen was once known as Dexer Sirac, the head inquisitor of the Cygnaran Inquisition. Like Alexia, his motives and modus operandi change over the course of the WTCE, but regaining the Witchfire remains one of his primary goals. Although he seems self-serving, the truth is Oberen is steadfastly loyal to the ex-king of Cygnar, Vinter Raelthorne IV. He is arranging for the capture of Corvis to be used as a staging point for a skorne invasion and the eventual restoration of the old king.


Vahn Oberen

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